• 2May, 2018

    What to do if patients are not feeling the Nitrous effectively

    Possible causes:

    • The mask is not fitting the patients face
    • The one way valve in the nasal cone is missing or stuck in an open position, failing to close upon patient inhalation
    • The breathing bag has a hole, tear, or slit in it
    • Loose hose or connector in the breathing circuit
    • The Room Air Safety Valve is stuck open
    • The nitrous oxide concentration is not set correctly for the patient
    • Some patients do not feel the effects of nitrous oxide
    • Some people self-medicate before going to the dentist
    • Low nitrous flow
    • Too much suction
    • Breathing bag not moving in and out

    What to do?

    • Check the system to ensure no leaks in the bag or hoses
    • Verify that the tubes are clear and that there are no kinks
    • Verify that the valves are in place in the nasal hoods
    • Don’t forget about the fit of the mask
    • Ensure breathing pattern is duplicated via the breathing bag
    • Request patients to reveal any medications or alcohol they have taken prior to treatment

    If you would like to discuss any concerns in depth, submit your request through our Contact Us form and our local representative will get in touch with you.

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