Medical Air

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Air is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non corrosive gas used in mixtures with a gas density at STP 1.2928 kg/m3. Air can be supplied in cylinders and by on-site generators.

Air Liquide Healthcare offers medical air in a variety of cylinders sizes to meet the needs of your facility.

Item NumberCylinderCapacity
102012S'D' Cylinder1.5m3
102010S'E' Cylinder3.6m3
102008S'G' Cylinder7.4m3
102007S'GX' Cylinder7.6m3
Medical Air Product Information
IndicationsFor normal respiration In anaesthetic equipment as a carrier gas during surgery For nebulisation of inhaled drugs when oxygen supplementation is not required.
ContraindicationNone known
Method of AdministrationBy inhalation For breathing purposes supported by a ventilator In anaesthetic equipment as a carrier gas
Product InformationPlease review Product Information before prescribing. Available from Air Liquide Healthcare or downloaded from the TGA Public Information website eBS.

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