Medical Nitrous Oxide

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Nitrous Oxide is a colourless, non-toxic but narcotic, non-flammable but oxidising, non-corrosive gas with a slightly sweetish odor and taste, and a gas density at STP 1.872 kg/m3. This product can be supplied in cylinders, or liquified gas tank.

Air Liquide Healthcare offers nitrous oxide in a variety of cylinders sizes to meet the needs of your facility.

Item NumberItemCapacity
102248S'D' Cylinder3.4m3
102246S'E' Cylinder8.6m3
102240S'G' Cylinder17.3m3
Medical Nitrous Oxide Product Information
Indications General anaesthesia, usually as an adjuvant to other volatile or intravenous anaesthetics. Analgesia (with oxygen) e.g. dentistry and obstetrics.
Contraindications (extract) Nitrous oxide should not be administered without the required level of oxygen (at least 30%). Nitrous oxide should be used with caution in patients with severe hypotension or those at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency. When nitrous oxide is used in conjunction with other volatile or intravenous anaesthetic agents, the MAC of those agents may be reduced by up to 50%.
Method of Administration Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a face mask or tracheal tube by means of an anaesthetic apparatus.
Interactions with other Medicines (extract) Nitrous oxide and opioids together may lead to further circulatory depression. High dose fentanyl with nitrous oxide may decrease heart rate and cardiac output.
Adverse Effects (extract) Cardiovascular depression, hypotension, arrhythmia, increased pulmonary vascular resistance. Hypoxia, diffusion hypoxia, asphyxia
Product Information Please review Product Information before prescribing. Available from Air Liquide Healthcare or downloaded from the TGA Public Information website eBS.

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  • Safety Data Sheet: Nitrous Oxide (Compressed)